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Posada El Potrero Chico - I recommend not staying there
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I just got back from my second trip to El Potrero Chico, and like last time, I stayed at the Posada. I stayed there a 2nd time, because I'd found it a good place to stay the first time, 3 years ago. I am now recommending not staying there -- for 2 reasons. I am reasonably sure an employee stole from us, and they are no longer a welcoming place to meet up.

I travelled there with a friend, and we stayed in one of the rooms at the Posada. We generally left our wallets as well as electonic gear and stuff in our room, locked, while we were out climbing. On the evening of the last day of climbing (2 evening before leaving) I counted the money in my wallet to figure out if we had enough money for our lift (with potreroed) back to the airport. I had in my wallet $27 (US) and 220 Pesos. We went climbing, leaving the door locked (and wallets out of plain site, mine was in a pocket in my luggage), when we came back the room was still locked, my wallet was where I left it -- but I had only $7 and 20 pesos. After I noticed this, we did some back calculating. I had taken out 3000 pesos when we arrived for spending money, a few days later my travelling companion took out a further 4000. (I also thought I had enough in US cash for the ride back to the airport and them some -- but don't have a specific count on this.) We were generally spending about 300 pesos a day (a meal and a margarita each at the Posada restaurant -- some days a bit more, some a bit less if we ate in town), plus about 600 pesos in groceries. Over the 12 days, this would have been about 4200 pesos. We had, between us, that last day about 300 pesos. So, about 2500 pesos and at least $20 (and I think more like $80) went missing. It looks like someone with keys to our room was going into the room while we were gone and, carefully, taking small enough amounts that we wouldn't notice it -- cause we were on vacation not carefully tracking. If I hadn't counted specifically that night, I wouldn't have noticed. The people with keys are, of course, the staff there -- this wasn't stolen from a tent where anyone could go in.

When I was last down there, the Posada was a meet-up and hang-out place for climbers, whether staying at the Posada or not. But, this visit, the staff were harrassing anyone not staying there. They have a sign posted at the entrance saying that anyone who "uses the facilities" will have to pay an access fee. (Apparently 30 pesos.) Using the facilities appears to include sitting in a chair chatting with someone who is staying at the Posada, or sitting outside someone's room chatting. They harrassed a number of my climbing friends, and did other things, like turning off the wifi access point or the electicity to my room is a non-resident was at the Posada. (I think they have been hit be the reduction in climber traffic in Mexico because of all the cartel bad news, and are trying to treat everyone who wanders in as a revenue stream or something like that. But it made it feel very un-welcoming.)

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