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Apr 3, 2012, 6:21 AM

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Re: [USnavy] Anonymous post ratings: enough is enough
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USnavy wrote:
beetlebug wrote:
TonyB3 wrote:
USnavy wrote:
mojomonkey wrote:
USnavy wrote:
So the haters that one star you just to one star you, they are wasting their time, you wont even see their vote. Sly

This post from you is amusing, given how much time you spent one-starring adatesman once upon a time.
I was one staring adatesman? No you got it backwards. I dont one star much of anyone, especially now, I have better to things to do. He on the other hand spent days going through every single post I ever made and one stared them all. Hows that for nerd rage? Kind of a waste of his time considering my browser doesent even load the stars anymore...

No, but you probably use your troll account "thenose" to one star anyone who reveals you as the poser you are.;

Only one troll account here? Weird. Last I heard he's got at least 4 accounts on Supertopo. Lately he's been using 20_kn, but had been audiobahn_1000, spl_tech and USnavy at various, and often overlapping, times.
Says you? You have made 15 posts in the last year and not a single one of them has anything to do with climbing... If ever a troll existed... It is crystal clear your username is just some secondary troll account for someone else. Anyway, this account and your other, TonyB3, can live in KillFile land from here on out.

Says the fact that there are often identical threads from those users here on RC, all of which were yours. Plus searching for threads for one of those users usually turns up threads for the others, and there really aren't all that many people giving out advice on where to climb in Hawaii in one thread while asking noob questions about preparing for their upcoming Yos trip in another. If it walks like a duck and quacks....

Edit: looks like I have the usernames a bit wrong... He's "20_kn", "audiobahn1000", and "spl tech" on Supertopo.

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