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Apr 7, 2012, 8:40 AM

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Re: [BClear] Woman climbers, arm strength
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BClear wrote:
Tell ya what. You hit over 1500 pullups in one session then talk about "pointless" repetitions. Its called endurance.

From the perspective of climbing it is called totally irrelevant and pointless endurance.

BClear wrote:
But hey I'd listen to you over a two time world record holder and the United States Marine Corp any day. They get results, period. But what do they know? I mean who's ever heard of a physically fit United States Marine? Thousands of people getting results from a proven system adopted by our branch of service that prides itself on being the most physically fit period vs. an internet opinion.

The marines don't know squat about climbing fitness. You want to fight the bad guys? Train like a marine. You want to climb long and hard? There are far more relevant approaches.

As for trusting an internet opinion, you have a point there. What I'm saying has to make its own internal sense, because I'm not a marine instructor whose knowledge, regardless of its applicability, is supposed to be beyond questioning.

BClear wrote:
And we're not even talking about anything hardcore here. This is standard fare pre entry to OCS routine we're talking here. Bottom line is pullups are a job requirement for Marines. Not so sure its like that with math profs these days. Its like top rope anchors had sex with hangboards and delivered a child named pullup routines.

Insults aren't arguments. In fact, they're an attempt to avoid discussing the real issues.

For what it is worth, this particular math prof trained to seven one-arm pullups on each arm, the ability to climb a gym climbing rope strictly one arm at a time, settling into a full hang before each stride, and regularly did routines involving combinations of one-arm pullups, muscle-ups, and front levers. In climbing-related strength, I'd have blown 99% of the marines, totally out of the water, and I use that phrase advisedly. Which is neither here not there. Their training goals are different ones.

But if the marines want that kind of fitness, then they're going to have to try some home-brewed hangboard and top-rope anchor sex themselves.

[Edited to clarify that the rope-climbing was a gym rope, not a climbing rope.]

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