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Apr 10, 2012, 7:58 AM

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Re: [zealotnoob] How to leave your ego behind?
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Ignoring the boys for a second, let's maybe look at this a different way.

I am the girl for whom you feel you have something to prove. (seriously, I've been stuck at leading 5.6 for like, 7 years now.) if I watch you "stick it to the boys" so to speak and climb a hard line, you assume that that makes me feel inspired, like because you did it I can suddenly do it too. Or the opposite could happen and I end up feel WORSE about myself because my climbing ability is no where near yours and by-the-way-I-saw-climber-boy-sneak-a-peek-at-your-boobs-while-he-was-trying-to-ignore-you-so-you're-way-hotter-then-me-too.

Boo-hoo for me, I feel bad about myself now because I suck at climbing and I'm not hot. That's MY ego issue. My point is (yes, I have one!) that everyone has their ego issues. Everyone has their own journey to learn to deal with them in a healthy manner for themselves. Don't give yourself an ego issue because of mine. Climb for you.

ETA: Cam across this today in Michael Kennedy's "Letter to My Son" published in Alpinist. Sums is up nicely IMO.

"When you head out in the future, other people will have expectations of you. Those notions will reflect their needs, desires, aspirations and fears. As best you can, clear your mind of the chatter. Don't think about how your life or climbs will look to anyone else. Make choices based on your values, your analysis, your intuition and your dreams."

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