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Apr 11, 2012, 7:05 AM

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Re: [ncrockclimber] Anonymous post ratings: enough is enough
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ncrockclimber wrote:
TonyB3 wrote:

...what else would you call someone who buys an expensive piece of testing equipment that he has no idea how to use, chart, or process data from, then posts results having no controls, standards, or relevance?

IMO, USN posting this stuff is not a bad thing. He is going to get hammered for his errors and incorrect analysis, and that is not a bad thing either.
Incorrect analysis of what? The only study I have conducted so far that attempts to address any type of concept with any depth is the threaded webbing test, which I updated yesterday. And even at that, itís not really a thesis; itís an informal test of threaded webbing, and it's not done yet. In the future I am going to continue to try to avoid making any thesis statement in any thread, I am simply going to say ďthis is what I did, this is how I did it, here are the results.Ē It is up to the reader to reach his or her own conclusion.

As far as BS tests in the Lab go, I haven't really seen anyone try to present a properly formatted and executed study of any climbing concept. In fact, I havent even seen a manufacturer do that. Most of the studies on DMM and BD's site are written and executed in a manner similar to the tests published on this website. Most of the people in the Lab just play around with some gear, test some concepts, and post the results. I dont see whats wrong with that, they are not attempting to pass themselves off as MIT grad students conducting industry changing research on an extremely esoteric topic. They are just simply saying, "here is the data, here is the results." Sure, there are some guys in there attempting to make some world changing statement towards some concept they tested in their garage, but most dont.

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