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Re: [maldaly] The world's most expensive carabiner!
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maldaly wrote:
They are actually pretty hard to release when they're loaded so we would supply them with a 6" leash with a grab ring to make them easier to release. Some of the Special Forces would specify that we use the dedicated quick-release versions of the shackle which are designed to release under load:

These are the same ones the kite boarders use as emergency release units between themselves and the kites.
So let me make sure I understand this right. They throw this big ass rap device on the rope and clip a lanyard to it. The lanyard has a single locking biner on the belay device side and two quick release links on the other side. One quick release gets clipped into the belay loop of the SWAT officer's harness, the other into his dog's harness. Then, when the SWAT man gets to the ground, he just pulls the pin on the quick release and he can run off and shoot all the bad guys. Correct? Well if that is the case, why not just use a standard double action auto-locking biner instead of the quick release? Pulling a pin on the side of one of those quick release devices is no faster than twisting the gate on an auto-lock and unclipping yourself. In both cases, you can unclip yourself instantly, however the biner seems like a much more secure and safer option. The only way those quick release devices seem advantageous is if the user wanted to drop himself to the deck before reaching the ground (such is in the case of Navy SAR swimmers that jump into the ocean out of a chopper).

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