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Re: [shimanilami] Big Wall Tips
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shimanilami wrote:
sf wrote:
One issue I have personally struggled with is food and cooking. I like to eat healthy, fresh, digestible food on the wall, but this gets tougher to do the longer I am off the ground. Some folks can live off of junk, but my tastes seem to require bulky food, large cook sets, and refrigeration. Do you have any advice (or are you one who can live off of partially hydrogenated and freeze dried chow indefinitely)? What do you cook with? How do you do your dishes and minimize the mess? What's on the menu?

Freeze dried or dehydrated food makes no sense on a wall. You'll have to carry the water anyway (unless, of course, you can get water/ice on the wall). Why bother with the hassle of removing H20 only to mix it back in later? It's not like it remains fresher that way.
It is not that simple. I actually made that argument the very first time I went up El Cap and my partner wanted to bring MRE's. So we weighed out the MREs, the water required to make them, and the stove, the and fuel required to cook them. We compared that to the weight of the caned goods that would replace them if we opted to go without the MREs. We found the MREs, extra water, and stove weighed less. It makes sense, caned goods already contain water, so either way you are bringing the water. However, with a MRE you get a nice cooked warm meal, and they taste pretty good! So I am with Mark on this one, MREs are the way to go. The only downside is they are expensive.

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