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Apr 18, 2012, 11:23 AM

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Re: [jt512] link cam broken when fallen on
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jt512 wrote:
healyje wrote:
bearbreeder wrote:
i read all the current documentation and saw nothing to indicate that they were aid only ... nor is it listed as such in metollius page as far as i can see

Don't know about what any of the current documentation says, but they used always have a notation to that effect and at 5kn you shouldn't need the documentation to spell it out for you.

I don't recall the 0 and 00 TCUs' documentation ever stating that they were aid-only pieces,

It's kind of an unofficial official statement. Metolius has openly said in e-mails that the pieces are designed for aid only, however they do not state that on their website. I remember reading a thread awhile back where someone complained that they decked when a 0 or 00 ripped. He contacted Metolius and they told him that the 0 and 00 cams were for aid only.

granite_grrl wrote:
csproul wrote:
granite_grrl wrote:
bearbreeder wrote:
healyje wrote:
Cam stops don't break on their own or unweighted. Someone is either mistaken or misrepresenting the facts. As to cam stops failing in a fall - it physically can't happen if pro is properly placed, the cam lobe geometries relative to the axle don't permit it. The only way it can happen is if they are misplaced or walk out to a width of crack relative to the cam lobes where it can - there is no other way.

then basically RCers are saying we have several liars at MP ... different people all lying about the same thing at different times, all with the same brand of cam ...

as to "aid" most other companies list it items a "aid" only when it is only meant for such ... besides thats fairly irrelevant here since according to RCers, its a placement issue on cams that were "said" to be never weighted or fallen on by several MPers

just curious ... how many here have owned and fallen on the 0 and 00 ULTCU/ULPC/Mastercams ...

must be a lying binge over at MP ... darn glad im here ...

again ... most interesting ...Wink

If the people on MP are saying that the cam stops randomly sheared off with no load applied to them then fuck yeah, they're lying....or too stupid to understand that things don't randomly break without applying some sort of force to them.

How do you think their cam stops sheared? How do you think you broke the cam stops off your cam? Or are you in the lying/stupid camp too?

My husband ripped the cam stops off my purple TCU. He ripped it while aiding and invertied the lobes (bad placement obviously). The cam stops make the cam feel a little nicer when placing it, but you don't need them for an operatonal cam. On these small units the cam stops take very little force before shearing.
I think this is not entirely true with the Mastercams. The cam-springs are attached at the cam stops, so if the stops on a Master are broken, you cannot retract the lobes. I don't have them in front of me, but I don't think this is the case with the TCU.

I will have to double check with the one I have at home. Oddly I haven't noticed an issue with the spring tension, but I will admit I don't really use this cam anymore either (the hubby ran out and bought me a replacement pretty quick).

It was an older cam (from right around when the ultralights were coming out) so maybe it wasn't an issue then?
I have a 0 TCU and Master Cam sitting in front of me right now. Both of them have the springs attached to the cam stops. If you rip the stops off, the cam wont function.

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