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Re: [onceahardman] lost grip
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onceahardman wrote:
olderic wrote:
onceahardman wrote:
jt512 wrote:
onceahardman wrote:
Thanks for that.

"free" health care? You get what you pay for!

And in this country, if you can't pay, what do you get?


An ER visit at any hospital, paid for at taxpayer expense. No charge, by federal law, to the indigent.

And a mutli year hassle to prove it. Our system is broken - don't defend it. Your type will still get paid.

I'm not sure what you mean by, "multi year hassle to prove it".

The USA system has problems, but so does Canada. I live in a border city. We get lots of patients here who are denied care in that system, and opt to pay privately to get our health care, despite 18% sales tax to pay for their own.
13% sales tax. It's a little high, and sure, we'll complain about it.....but it's better than being denied coverage because you got hurt in a rock climbing accident.

I am curious about what procedures people are going over for that are being denined by Ontario. Sure, not everything is covered but it's usually stuff that has fallen through the cracks and not common conditions, so I'm surprized that there are "lots of patients".

Edited to add: My husband I put on ~$1200 on our Visa a month. Sure we have other things like home heating and power we pay tax on, but we also have other things like the majority of our groceries that we don't pay tax on, but I'll even bump the cost up to $1400 just for fun.

So if that $1400 is everytihng taxes in then it was about $1240 before taxes, meaning we pay about $160 in taxes every month. Divide that by two, that's $80 per person.

Wow, we get a pretty inclusive package for $80 a month, they don't even care if we rock climb!

But there's more! That money doesn't just go towards our health insurance, we also get roads, subsidised university and all sorts of other goverment services with that!

Now what do you get with your 7% NY sales tax? How much do you pay a month for health insurance? What kinds of restrictions does your policy have?

Not saying the the system is perfect up here, but I've heard a lot more scarey stories about the American system.

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