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Re: [onceahardman] lost grip
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onceahardman wrote:
EDIT: one additional point: If you are paying 12 x $80. = $960. annually for health care, but are actually using, say, $3000. annually in health care, you realize, of course, that your fellow citizens are picking up your slack, right? Someone is paying for it.
Hold on. This is from the person who earlier in the thread pointed out that if you can't afford health care in the US, you still can be treated in an ER with no cost to you? So...who do you think ends up paying for these ER visits? (Answer, of course, is we all do because our own medical bills are inflated to cover them.) And ER visits are just about the least efficient/most expensive way to provide health care.

I agree with your main point, no health care system is perfect, but in both the Canadian and US systems, some people will get more care than they pay for and the cost will be spread around. Pointing that out as a flaw in the Canadian system isn't all that good an argument.

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