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Re: [shockabuku] Campusing and Power Tips
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i was addressing OPs concerns on power not campusing.

Power is exertion of force over a relatively short time frame. It's largely a neural adaptation therefore my suggestion was valid.
Theres no such thing as too strong or too powerful while maintaining the same bodyweight. it would increase your power to weight ratio to lift heavy and eat at maintenance.
If you want to get powerful for anything then work heavy and low volume or perform pylometrics with increasing difficulty as others have suggested also, increasing your base of strength will only raise the platform which you can output power from.

Compound exercises like barbell squats tend to involve whole body integration, while dynamic ability can be added via olympic lifts or high box jumps which tend to mimic movement patterns of dynos and the like.
grip strength can also be worked via deadlifts (another compound lift) and thick bar use for pulling and chinning.
and i agree with the bouldering suggestion by Rufsen

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