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May 12, 2012, 9:00 AM

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Re: [JimTitt] Equalette variation knots
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Thanks for your input.

Sorry, I believe I have not been clear.

My proposed potential use of this variation of the equalette is for building anchors using traditional, not in-situ, protection.

The cord would be kept, pre-tied on my harness whilst not in use. This is the method with which I transport and use an equalette currently and have encountered no problems with doing so.

I currently use an regular equalette when I deem it the most viable form of rigging. However, for the sake of belay management, the existence of a power point that is easily accessed whilst the matrix is weighted would, in many circumstances, be of an advantage.

I completely agree that complication in an anchor set-up is disadvantage but I feel that there is no harm in thoroughly discussing all costs and all benefits of any system, regardless.

I am trying to assess what limitations this variation may have over the traditional form of the equalette, as well as sate my curiosity Smile

Currently the lack of a viable knot that will be used to secure the system in a safe yet neat manner makes me believe I will be unlikely to use it.

As nobody has voiced any concerns regarding a clove hitch being tied on a bight I believe that to be something that I might look into more and possibly include in my anchor building repertoire.

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