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May 28, 2012, 11:56 PM

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Re: [rrrADAM] The Gun Porn thread
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rrrADAM wrote:
chadnsc wrote:
I do, it's just that I use it to take pictures of important things in my life, things I don't get to see everyday.

I see my firearms every day so why take pictures of them and show them around to the interweb?

His guns are his kids. Wink

Well, maybe something eelse, given the amount he fondles them. Tongue


Yep, they are definitely something eelse...I like to work with and tweak this 15-22 quite a bit actually.

Here's the latest mod. I added a CAA magwell grip and positioned the Magpul angled grip a lot more forward...

I haven't had an opportunity to compete with this set up, yet. I like the feel though and I think the tight grip will work well pieing targets on an IDPA stage.

Some of you more keenly perceptive readers may also notice the 1/2" cheek riser I added to the stock.

I actually have had a chance to test that new fit out and am happy to report it was a good investment. It brings the optics into operation much quicker with a much better cheek weld that's attained more consistently than the factory stock offered. It's all a matter of personal preference though.

The AR platform is like the Barbie Doll of firearms. The accessories you can add are almost endless.

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