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Re: [granite_grrl] Are There Gender Differences in Risk Tolerance?
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granite_grrl wrote:
lena_chita wrote:
A funny story:

In my attempt to raise kids in a gender-neutral way, I introduced my son to dolls. My Mom got him a BOY doll (do you know how hard it is to even find one?-- we are not talking about Barbie's "Ken" accessory, we are talking about just a doll looking like a little boy).

Anyway, it was a little toddler boy doll, complete with shorts and checkered shirt outfit, and a backpack full of camping accessories. My son didn't want ANYTHING to do with that doll. Or any other doll, for that matter, ever. He was about 2yo at the time, and had not been exposed to ANY TV, or really any significant "cultural" influence. he didn't even speak English, and he was in a home daycare situation. Dolls just weren't his thing.

Whenever he played with his cars and trucks and LEGOs, the games usually involved collisions, loud noises, bangs, lights flashing, dinosaurs devouring fire trucks, etc. etc.

His younger sister, growing up amid a collection of cars and garbage trucks and LEGOs and no dolls attempted to swaddle and nurse a fire truck at some point. Her cars always talked to each other very politely, and invited each other for tea. Eventually she got dolls, and was oh-so-happy about it.

That is kinda funny. little brother did have a doll, it was this big doll and it was called "My Buddy". I don't know how long it lasted, but I remember a period of time he took that thing around everywhere with him.

On the flip side I used to love playing legos and toy cars with him too. He never really played dolls with me (and I never forced him...I still had an older and younger sister for that), but I do remember him playing with his GI-Joes and me playing with my Shera dolls together.

Sad thing is that in elementry school even though I played with his toys all the time at home I never felt comfortable playing with at school with the boys. I remember feeling like I would be made fun of if I tried.

I remember crying when getting a playset that consisted of a dust pan, broom, iron and ironing board for my birthday.

I used to have dolls, starwars action figures, and stuffed animals. I had a treehouse where I moved my play oven to. I played rough. I still do.

Edited to say that, yes, I did have many barbies. Many of them got haircuts and became punk rockers.

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