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Jul 4, 2012, 1:27 AM

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Re: [iknowfear] The Gun Porn thread
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iknowfear wrote:
let me repeat myself. they do _NOT_ give you a hiking permit, unless you are "adequatly armed".

again: polar bear land, not black bears...

From your link:

"Polar Bear precautions

The polar bear is one on the world's largest predators and extremely dangerous for humans. It can materialise anywhere in Svalbard, all year-round. Should one emerge, your line of conduct should be to keep a safe distance, evading trouble. If this is not possible, you are allowed to shoot the bear in self-defence."

I kinda like it...a sorta wilderness stand your ground law.

Edited to add this pretty cool picture of large game handgun loads...

Personally, if I ever found myself having to outfit out in in ice bear country, I'd want the largest caliber rifle I could get my hands on as well as have a sidearm in a caliber that started with a 4.

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