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Jul 5, 2012, 7:50 PM

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Re: [pinktricam] Higgs found?
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pinktricam wrote:
rrrADAM wrote:
pinktricam wrote:
rrrADAM wrote:
pinktricam wrote:
rrrADAM wrote:
pinktricam wrote:
Genesis Reality 1:1 In the beginning God the Higgs boson created...

Fixed that for you, pink. Wink

In fact, we may have to rethink even our idea of 'beginning' in that sense.

When you start thinking outside the "box" of this four dimensional existence we occupy, that will be the beginning of your journey on the trail wisdom...carry on.

Interesting... Please, do tell what is outsidethe box of this 4 dimensional existence (aka the universe) we occupy.

Please, be specific. And, if you can, please do tell what leads you to think/believe it.

God; experiencing God.

I have tried to validate your results using your methods, and many other methods (remember, I was once a born again RNJ myself), and it didn't work in a sustainable way... In fact, the more I tried, the more absurd it became.. Not just me, but even others of different and even similar beliefs have failed to yield identical results with the same methods.

Thus, your conclusion is flawed, at best.

In fact, even your methods are flawed, given that you and most will openly state that their results and methods are deeply personal and subjective to you, so that isn't even reasonable.

Like phlogiston... I had to accept that it just wasn;t connected to reality in any way.

Or, perhaps you can give me more to work with and be a bit more specific, rather than so nebulous? You really are giving me the same thing a schizo would for why he killed and ate children... "God; I experienced God." Do you realy think he is any less confident in his beliefs that you?

No offense, but it's apparent you've either never really met Him, or if you did, you didn't actually want to know him.

You forgot to capitalize the last 'h', Eric. You should show more respect... Hell, even I go through the formality of capitalizing the pronouns when I refer to Her. Angelic

Edit... Ah, you caught it AFTER you hit the button.

No worries... I NEVER get it right the first time... My sopelling sux. Tongue

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