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Jul 6, 2012, 4:05 AM

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Re: [pinktricam] Higgs found?
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pinktricam wrote:
rrrADAM wrote:
pinktricam wrote:
Genesis Reality 1:1 In the beginning God the Higgs boson created...

Fixed that for you, pink. Wink

In fact, we may have to rethink even our idea of 'beginning' in that sense.

When you start thinking outside the "box" of this four dimensional existence we occupy, that will be the beginning of your journey on the trail wisdom...carry on.
Hehe, the only thing more D'awwww and adorable then your thinking there is only 4 dimensions is your idea that Higgs' theory agrees with the bible in any way whatsoever.

Edit: Yes, obvious bait is obvious.

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