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Jul 10, 2012, 12:56 PM

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Re: [dan2see] Higgs found?
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Very well said, Dan. Smile

dan2sew wrote:
In all the publicly available stories, I have yet to see a description of the Higgs Field itself. For example, is it something like a complex electromagnetic field, where the two charges twist around each other, to propagate its energy across space, until it gets absorbed by a particle? Does it carry the weak charge too, like a third component? Or what? It's gotta do something, to get its job done!

As it is with all quantum objects (aka "quantumstuff", or as Nick Herbert calls them, "'quons") like electrons, quarks, gluons, photons, etc... Quantum theory doesn't say what any of it "IS"*, but what experiments will show when performed... And it is right, all the time.

*Example: WHAT is an electron?

Sure, we can state what some of its attributes are, but what really IS it? Just like with gravity.

The more we learn in one area (quantum theory), the more questions we have in another (quantum reality)... Quantum randomness is what keeps us quatumly ignorant about the physicle reality of unmeasured individual quons.

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