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Jul 11, 2012, 7:43 PM

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Re: [rgold] Building anchors with the rope
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rgold wrote:
Compared to notapplicable's method. I get the power point in exactly the position I want it in by a combination of where the butterfly is tied and how the first clove hitch is installed. I've never ever had any need to adjust the position of the power point after that, so the extra loop of slack in NA's system just isn't needed, at least for me.

Glad you brought that up because I forgot to mention one (what I consider to be advantageous) feature of my system. If you are inclined to either redirect or belay off of the master point, that master point/redirect can be as adjustable as the belayers attachment.

You can create a "secondary" masterpoint by either cloveing a biner to the free end of the rope opposite the strand anchoring the belayer to the "primary" masterpoint or, if you have used most of your available slack to reach a more comfortable stance below the anchor, you can clove a biner at any point in the rope between the belayer and the "primary" masterpoint.

I personally don't own a device with a "guide mode" but I do like to redirect if I'm sitting down while belaying the second and lot of other folks do like to belay off the master point. For those reasons, I think the versatility/adjustability of my system more than makes up for the few extra seconds and feet of rope it takes to rig.

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