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Re: [Kartessa] Newbie question - rock climing harness versus treestand harness
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With a sit harness the strap would have to go between your legs, under your arm, or in front of your face/over your shoulder. In the case of between your legs or under your arm, the force of the fall might flip you upside down, which is inherently hazardous. If you put the strap over your shoulder it would be in your way a lot. If I was to hunt in a tree stand I think I would get one of those body harnesses that I see workers use that connect on a shock absorbing strap that is attached on the harness between your shoulder blades.

(edited my answer for consisness after looking at how tree stand harnesses work)

Kartessa wrote:
tpcollins wrote:
I thought I'd ask the people that should know best.

I hunt from a treestand and I'm thinking a rock climbing harness - like a Petzl Calidris - is far better than a treestand shoulder type harness if I fall out of the stand. Even with the leg loops, these shoulder harness have a waist strap that gets pulled up into the ribcage when the restraint line is pulled tight.

I'm thinking the rock climbing type would be a better choice and less resticting on my legs and chest - am I right about this or comepletely off base? Thanks.

A couple of issues:

- As mentioned, the tie-in at the front can make things a little difficult. You can still connect to it, but you will need more slack and should you actually need the harness to stop a fall, you're going to fall farther.

- If you happen to fall, and you go the extra little distance and you're still not touching the ground, you risk flipping around, and even more so, something called "Harness hang syndrome" if you're stuck there for too long with no way up or down.

Keep in mind I don't hunt, and I have no idea how tree stands work. I think hiding for hours on end just to kill something that doesn't know you're there is pretty cowardly. I dig tracking though.

The animals still have the ability to see and smell you when you are in a tree stand, it is just a different way of hunting an animal. So long as it is done while following laws and recognized ethical practices, hunting like this honors a long standing American tradition as well as an alternate and arguably more palatable way to bring meat to one's family table.

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