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Aug 26, 2012, 4:52 PM

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Re: [Marylandclimber] To inform or not to inform...
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Marylandclimber wrote:
If you are climbing next to a group of teenage beginner's on top rope and they are doing many things wrong (and not taking climbing seriously at all), should you feel obligated to inform them what they are doing wrong and fix it? Or leave them be? Nobody wants to see somebody fall and get injured but if they wont take your input seriously what more could you do.

I was climbing lead next to a bunch of teenagers doing this and they knew nothing at all. They were on a 60ft top rope and were saying things like "slack" when they wanted to get tension. I told them politely that you should say "up rope or tension". They started continued laughing and making jokes about it. The climber was roughly teaching the "belayer" how to belay as he was 20ft up. if the climber fell, he would've taken a 10ft fall onto a ledge. After I tried to help them I just ignored them because they didn't take me seriously, probally because I was younger then them. I figured the only way they would learn is when one of them breaks their leg and moved on.

If i see something dangerous, I always speak up. And I have yet to have a truly negative reaction.

When commenting on such situations I try to speak politely and gently and only in factual statements.

A typical exchange goes like this:
"Sorry do you mind if I make a comment about your belaying" (if they do not want my comment, I leave it at that)
"It is physically impossible to hold a fall in the way you hold the break strand of the rope while giving slack - this means if your partner falls, he falls down 15 m. it might be better to do it that way... "

And again, if people reject my advice (like a guy who let go of the break strand to put on his sunnies and later to sort some knots ) - I'just try to deescalate by saying, well if you already know that, then thats ok, never mind me.

(Because in my opinion, if people are aware of the risks they are running, they are entitled to take that level of risk without me getting in the way)

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