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Re: [Marylandclimber] To inform or not to inform...
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I couldn't tell from your post if this was at a gym or outdoors. If it is at a gym I would just tell someone who works there especially if it wasn't an immediate life threatening situation.

You never want to see someone get injured or killed. However, involving yourself in the situation does open you up to getting injured or sued. They waved most of their rights to sue the gym when they signed the waver. However, they didn't sign any of their rights away to sue you.

I am not sure if everyone read the part where you said they are teenagers but they were also older than you. If that really is the case then you are probably a young teenager.

You really shouldn't assume that everything you have been taught is the single best way to do it. If you are really that young then you haven't been in enough situations yourself to know what the answer is.

To you, it may sound like what olderic said was rude and insensitive but I think all he was trying to say is that you don't have enough experience to know that what you are telling them is truly the right thing to do. When you do have enough experience you will know when you need to speak up to that person and when not to.

Normally, I wouldn't have bothered commenting on this because I think what olderic said is correct. However, I get the feeling that you are younger than some people here realized and this board does tend to be direct and to the point even if their words seem to be insensitive.

The bottom line is worry about whether you are doing everything safely for yourself and not so much about other people that are not climbing with you. There are so many things that could go wrong while you are climbing. I would hate to compound that with worrying about nit-picky things with someone else who isn't even climbing with you.

When the time does come where someone's life is in imminent and immediate danger you won't have time to ask what you should do. Either you will react or you won't but in all likelihood you won't even have enough time to think about it.

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