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Aug 31, 2012, 9:51 AM

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Re: [DemolitionRed] This could only happen to me!
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Sorry about your leg, that must have really hurt! i hope it heals well.

DemolitionRed wrote:
Thanks both of you for replying.
I get what you are saying about not standing far from the rock Jeepnphreak. I had probably wandered out a good few meters (sorry I'm metric!)

A "few meters" (3? 4?) Is way too far to be from the base of the climb, if your climber is leading. You can easily break your leg jumping DOWN from 1-2 meters, so even without the gravity force assisting you, the sideways "jump" onto the rock that is 3-4 meters long could be bad, which you discovered this time.

DemolitionRed wrote:
This is where it gets confusing. Some climbers tell you 'never' take your eyes off the climber, especially if its a windy day or the pitch is too high to hear them vocally. Others, like you, say, don't get a crick in your neck and feel them with the rope. In fact I used to get really told off for not watching my climber and concentrating on the feel going on in my hands. A lot of climbers get very nervous if you are not watching them because 'not watching to them means not paying due attention'.

There is always "depends" in a reasonable answer. Yes, it is usually better to watch your climber, but... One solution for being able to watch your climber without having to move several meters out, and without getting a painful neck, is to get a pair of belay glasses.

DemolitionRed wrote:
I only jump in certain conditions and obviously only if he is high enough but I have to admit that I enjoy the adrenalin rush of the jump....

Hmmm... never thought of a giving a catch that way.

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