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Re: [lena_chita] Any "large" pro climbers out there?
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lena_chita wrote:
Timjitsu wrote:
healyje wrote:
Timjitsu wrote:
so in the future please dont judge someones physical fitness without seeing them and punching their height and weight into a useless BMI calculator. have a nice day.

Dude, not sure what numbers you punched into that body fat form, but on the BMI form 6'1" @ 220 gives a BMI of 29-30.

And bottom line is it's impossible to be 6'1" @ 220 and not have a percentage of body fat closer to 30 than 10 unless you are an alien with a very different bone and tissue density then the rest of us humans.

Further 6'1" is hardly 'tall' and at that height if you way more than 190 you can't even be considered fit let alone in any kind of shape.

omg please just stop talking... better yet do me a favor, go into Golds gym in NV and walk up to Jay Cutler (5' 9" 275lbs BF is probably around 3-5% during season) and tell him his BMI is way too high and he is not in good physical shape. there's at least 3 things that will happen. he will laugh at you, slap you, or both.

the BMI is an "okay" way at best, to judge the physical fitness of a person who is barely active. but its a HORRIBLE way of judging the physical fitness of an very active person...

so please go away and lets get back on topic...

While you are correct in the fact the BMI is not a good way to measure physical fitness, bringing up a guy who is 5'9" and 275 lb ON THIS SITE as a paragon of fitness and good shape will get you nothing but laughter.

Listen, you started this thread. Don't get pissed when people tel lyou that less weight would be better.

Of course if you take two people who both carry 20 pounds of fat on them, and one of them is really built with bulky muscle, and the other one has no muscle worth mentioning, the BF percentage will look much better on the "built" guy, but it doesn't change the fact that they are both carrying 20 pounds of fat on them.

And for climbing it doesn't matter whether you are carrying 200 pounds of muscle+20 pounds of fat up that wall, or whether you are carrying 180pounds of muscle and 40 pounds of fat. Either way, you are carrying 220 pounds up that wall, most of that built-up muscle is not doing you any good when you are climbing. Your bulky legs will be just as much hindrance as a beer belly.

To give you an example, two strong tall climbers that I personally know, are in 6'2"-6'3" and maybe 135-145lb.

I started this thread with the idea that less weight is better to begin with. my reason for starting this thread is to see if i was wrong and if there are any big pro climbers out there that overcame the size obstacle.

i wasnt getting mad at healyje for telling me less weight is better. i was getting mad at the fact that he told me theres no way i could be 6'1" 220lbs with 10-11%BF. and that im in bad shape because my BMI is too high. as a matter of fact i dont think he ever mentioned anything about less weight being better.

also i was only using Jay Cutler as an example as to how stupid the BMI is.

and with all do respect, your example of there being no difference between a man with 200lbs of muscle and 20lbs of fat and a man with 180lbs of muscle and 40lbs of fat is flawed. im pretty sure that the man with 200lbs of muscle and 20lbs of fat can lift his body weight a hell of a lot easier than the man with 180lbs of muscle and 40lbs of fat.

im not here to discuss mine or anyone else's physical fitness. i do that on other forums. so since healyje is done making a fool of himself can we please get back on topic?

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