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Sep 5, 2012, 11:40 AM

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Re: [chadnsc] I'll bet he shoots IDPA matches...
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chadnsc wrote:
pinktricam wrote:
curt wrote:
petsfed wrote:
Way to go, professional armed-guard! You really did your fucking job there.

Ok, its one thing for some random dude with a CCW to be that good in such a situation. Its another thing entirely when the reason the man was hired was this specific ability.

I honestly think you derive some unseemly pleasure every time a gun is used for its intended purpose.

Pinky flogs the dolphin is elated every time someone a gun toting scumbag gets shot. It's just who he is.


You bet!

Ever have a friend or family member murdered?
Yes... A friend... I was there.

Ever been involved in the futile resucitation effort of a violent criminal's innocent victim? Hmm?

It's okay, sit in your comfy little white-bred home. We'll keep dealin' with the real world.

Have you?

Ever been in a fist fight as an adult?
Yes... On both ends of the beating... Even had to fight more than 1... So out came the Spyderco, when it was going to become more than 2.

Ever been involved in a violent crime?
Yes... As both victim and victimizer.

Ever performed CPR on a dying person?
Yes... Twice... Once on a 10 year old kid as a lifeguard at Lake Mead, and once at the Gunks on a solid .12 climber who fell.

Ever had to plug a gunshot wound?

Ever seen someone die violently?
Yes... See above.

Ever been shot at?

Ever been shot?
No... They missed... I have been stabbed though... Twice.

Ever had to shoot someone?
No... Although I have had to cut 2 people... See above for 1 example.

Figured I'd reply to both of you. (see above)

I am certainly NOT a tough guy... I just lived another life at one time... I'm also stupid sometimes, so I don't backdown when I should, and I hate theives and thugs, so I speak up and confront them.

I have a gun, but the only time I carried it was during the LA Riots, as I was working up in LA at night during them... And I carried it when in deep country in the Dakotas, Utah and Colorado climbing with Karen... Rather have a gun than a knife against predators in the wild. I seem to have done well with human 'predators', and I've been exposed to much more danger than you even fantacize about, pinkie, in your 'scenereos'. Confidence gained by a gun is 'faux' confidence, and leads one to confront and shoot 17 year old teens when they start kicking your arse.

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