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Sep 7, 2012, 5:27 AM

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Re: [healyje] Any "large" pro climbers out there?
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healyje wrote:
chadnsc wrote:
I agree that being lighter and tall is very beneficial in the climbing world.

I don't agree with this:

healyje wrote:
If you think being 6'0" and weighing more than 185 for anyone is something other than a suckfest compared to being in decent shape then you're either a) delusional or b) have never been in decent shape.

You're not talking about climbing in those statements.

I'm definitely talking about climbing in all these comments, that's because we're on climbing site, if I were talking about something else I'd be on some other forum

Valid point and I agree with it to a point.

However it would make your posts much more coherent and you sound like less of an idiot if when the topic splits (in this case what's considered 'in shape' for climbing and non climbing) that you differentiate which topic your discussing.

I noticed that you omitted the quote of your original ignorant comment that split this discussion into two topics. Let me fix that for you . . . .

healyje wrote:
And bottom line is it's impossible to be 6'1" @ 220 and not have a percentage of body fat closer to 30 than 10 unless you are an alien with a very different bone and tissue density then the rest of us humans.

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