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Sep 11, 2012, 8:26 AM

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Re: [hroldan] Years outside the climbing world, too old? wellcome veterans!
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Well, I'll take a stab at it as someone who's been at it over the course of 38 years, just turned 60, rope solos extensively, has been in and out of climbing / shape multiple times over those decades, and broke his back at 40 (not climbing).

The short story (for me) - it's all about emotional bang for the buck. When that's there, I'm climbing; when it's not, I'm not climbing.

The longer version? There isn't one. I'm pretty much a hedonist focused on what I enjoy as opposed to my many friends who are either disciplinarians who have never stopped climbing (whether they were enjoying it or not) or those who's identity is all about climbing and can't stop. While I may admire the former for their tenacity and zeal and pity the latter for such a weak external dependency, I suffer my own relationship with climbing and think we each have to find our own path and relationship with it. And for most that relationship is short and measured in months or years and seldom in decades.

It all comes down to what motivates and inspires you and - gasp - what makes you feel good in the moment. If that ever comes around again in a climbing context you'll put down the other half of that Suzy-Q and start doing what must be done (or not).

The odd thing is that after a certain number of cycles, in combination with PNW winters, I've come to actually enjoy the process of getting back in shape every spring and look forward to it. As I said, odd.

So without knowing your attitudinal leanings I certainly couldn't advise you as to a comeback or a swan song, but would mainly suggest you listen to what feels good and go with it. Come or go as you please, hopefully without too much agonizing and self-abuse in the process.

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