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Sep 14, 2012, 3:51 PM

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Re: [granite_grrl] unsure finger pain
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granite_grrl wrote:
getsomefood wrote:
but is there sutch a thing as "good" tendon pain? as there is good muscle pain?

a little more info about my pain, I would appreciate any incites.
I can barely feel it, I feel it only when massaging it or while pressing a stress ball.
what should I do?
keep massaging it, ice water to hot water, stop climbing for a week or two :/..
or just do nothing...

thx again for your help guys.. great forums!

I don't believe there is such a thing as "good" tendon pain. Sometimes I'll get on a route that feels "tweaky". Often these routes are in a gym and after one attempt I won't look at the route again. If it's outside and the line inspires me I limit my time on them.

Keep with the massaging, if you did do some damage this will help prevent scar tissue from building up that could contribute to "trigger finger" down the road. If you feel pain while massaging my guess is that you did do some dammage and you should give it some rest for a couple of weeks.

Icing and anti-inflamitories will help bring down inflamation, but it doesn't sound like you real have any. Things that I have found certainly help (and are good for overall health regardless): make sure you stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.

I agree with no tendon pain being "good" pain.

I'd agree with the "keep up the massage", but I'd state it quite a bit differently....

-TRY massaging it, but do it this way: sit at rest, and decide how much pain you are in. Massage for a minute or so. Sit in the original resting position and decide: does your finger now feel better? worse? exactly the same? Take note as to whether the massage hurts, but it is more important to find out whether it makes things better or worse, as a direct result of the massage.

I'd have you doing lots of AROM. Open and close your hand, without resistance, a few hundred times a day. Sets of 10-30 reps, spread throughout the day. This will assist in the flow of synovial fluid within the finger joints, and provide nutrition to tendons and other associated poorly vascularized structures.

Keep it moving, but rest from climbing until the pain is GONE. Don't keep testing it every day. Let it heal.

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