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Sep 19, 2012, 7:26 AM

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Re: [billcoe_] Just bought a lot of gear. How can I inspect for safety?
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billcoe_ wrote:
TimeSpiral wrote:
I took three half day lessons with an instructor (who was incredible!) and I absolutely believe that I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me. Isn't there always more to learn?

Thanks for the advice to hire professional help (but when is that not good advice?).

I was anxious to get my own gear, walked into a bizarre situation on Craigslist, and am now trying to make heads or tails of my hasty decision. So far I think I've received some sound advice and I'm very appreciative of it.

I understand that feeling:-) Sounds like your head is right then. What I've seen in my 40 years of doing this is that most of the danger of starting this sport is that people do not know what they don't know. They know enough to get themselves hurt or killed. The advice you received upthread is good and I'd trust all the biners, nuts and cams. If you sell the 4 axes you'll probably make your money back, put them on Mountain Project in the classifieds.

Let me add more. I would never lead on your ropes, but I would immediately wash them and all the soft goods inc. rope bags (cold water with woolite on delicate, hang out to dry) and use them for anchors for top roping. Having seen a rope break on a kid rappelling, I don't take my ropes for granted any more.

Next, see if there are any classes at a local college or climbing club for climbing, it will be much cheaper than paying for an instructor or guide. Then look for the most experienced dude you can find and hang on him like a ramora on a shark, invite him out, invite yourself in, buy the beer, buy the gas, carry the weight (or at least offer).

Good luck!

Awesome tip about the local colleges, but being in Florida I find that chance to be slim, but I will look. There is a local rock climbing gym called Vertical Ventures that I plan on checking out soon.

Will you elaborate a little more about the top roping anchors? I've only ever climbed in one location; Kalymnos, Greece, and they were all sport climbs so at the top of each route there were to anchors, with chains, connected to two opposing biners. Once you made it to the top you clicked in to both biners and that was it, then you came down.

Will you also elaborate on how to wash the rope? I'm very nervous about rope care; it being so critical to not getting dead. You're talking about hand washing, right?

But I understand that some people create top roping anchors using trees, or bolts, or other things, but will you see that sort of thing on a sport climb or is that more typical for a trad climb?

My plan is to find some local professionals/enthusiasts and learn a lot more. I'm far from feeling confident trying any type of outdoor climbing on my own. I suppose I will just know when I'm ready; meaning, if I have to ask, I'm not ready.

Thanks, Billcoe.

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