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Sep 23, 2012, 7:56 PM

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Re: [hyongx] Sharp edges on old belay device -- file down?
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hyongx wrote:
So I have an ATC guide that I have been using for probably six years or so. However, a partner recently pointed out to me that the rear edge of the rope slot has worn to the extent that a pretty sharp edge has developed.
Obviously, this is not something that just popped up - i've been using the device regularly and this was just now brought to my attention.
Is this something to be concerned about - i.e. will it cause additional sheath wear on my rope?
For those of you who have had this issue before - can I file down the sharp edge, or would you recommend just retiring the device? How would one file the edge down - a dremel tool/sander or something?

It should be left sharp so that the rest of us, the survivors, can all learn at what point failure occurs. Please keep a log with pictures which we can examine after your passing.

Oh, BTW, in response to your question if I would be concerned: No, I'm not concerned with your shoddy gear at all. Nor would I be concerned with your death.
And of course you can take a file to it to smooth it, I say that without even knowing what brand you have. Or leave it as is, 6 years old, shouldn't it last forever?

Check this incredible stuff.

2 pictures of a round rat tail file:

and of a smaller version, the round Needle file.

For more Rat Tail (round) file info:

By now you must be thinking: "HOLY CRAP THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!! WHERE CAN I GET ME ONE OR MORE OF THEM BADBOYZ?!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! Your amazement is understandable. You can get them at any hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot. Any one. Amazing, I know.

Not only that, but you can also buy an entirely new device as well! I can list stores which might have them for sale if you need. Like a BD ATC Guide. Good stuff. You need a picture of that too? Here ya go:

REI has them, not sure where you live, but you can mail order one I'm sure.

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