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Re: [gratefuljoe] the end of climbers
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We all imagine this old style climbing on virgin rock with vertical rock faces physical challenges and surging adrenaline rushes by those extreme physical climbers.
Mountaineering as a sport didnít really get started before the mid eighteen hundreds and that was long before serious rock climbing. It was walking long distances up mountains and scrambling over Alps. It was about reaching a destination, a means to an end and claiming that lofty summit with whatever flag they happened to be carrying in their back pack.
Places such as Everest or the Matterhorn were not easy places to get to without cars or planes and so most settled for climbing their local tors and most of that was tackled without ropes.
My grandfather grew up in the mountains and he knew all about mountaineering but he didnít know about climbing vertical rock faces until after the 1950s
He used to say, there are two types of mountaineers. One for the wealthy middle classes who had far too much time on their hands and parents who would happily pay for their recreational activities so that their sons could have some Ďjolly good funí and the farmers who had to venture up to often perilous heights and get their animals safely down before the winter set in.
As the world became a smaller place, rock climbing started to be seen as an athletic and pleasurable activity.
Yes, we did have pioneering daredevils who paved the way for what we have today. Now everyone has an opportunity to climb. We donít have to have wealthy parents or own a house in up market suburbia!
I say, thank goodness times have changed.

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