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Oct 3, 2012, 2:12 AM

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Re: [gratefuljoe] the end of climbers
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Let me start by explaining the true story behind climbers. The men and women who can call themselves climbers are the ones who have been forged in the elements of nature through bad weather, rock fall and epic tales of survival.

Some of us climbers do our best to avoid bad elements of nature. Overall, I've been fairly successful. The longer I climb, the more I've mange to avoid these situation. Better judgement I guess.

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They are the ones who look death in the face and overcome just to face another day of trial by fire. I remember the times sitting around campfires hearing stories start with, ďTheir I was, I thought I was gonna die.Ē

You were the one hearing the stories. Well, some of us climbers today are still the ones telling those stories.

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As a child I couldnít wait for the day as I could tell stories like these. They were stories of the death defying first ascents of epic adventures in The Valley. Even then I knew the stories were only half true. You see, thatís part of being a climber.

You're partial right, climbing history is full of half truths, even outright lies.

Last I checked, we still have climbers doing epic first ascents all over the wall. Some with bad weather like you want. Don't believe me, check out trip reports about first ascent in Baffin or Greenland. These days, climbers don't just strive for the summit by any means, they aim to free the route too.

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You have to add to stories to capture the essence of the adventure for those who were not there, for those who cannot imagine the epic trials a climber will face. These days when I hear campfire stories being told they are about climbing v6 in the back right side of the gym.

Haven't heard any of those stories around the campfire. Of course, if that's what they enjoy climbing, who cares.

Maybe you're just hanging out with the wrong climbers these days. Maybe you're the one who has lost a sense of adventure or a willingness to risk life and limb, so you gravitate towards others who are similar.

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Todayís climbing stories are much different because the climbers themselves have changed. To them itís no longer about the adventure or exploration of the unknown. Itís all about repeating someone elseís great accomplishments.

Different climbers strive for different things. Most climbers I climb with are establishing new routes, many on big walls, some sport climbs, some aid.

While my wife, who is my main climbing partner, and I put upa lot of new routes every year. From 1 pitch to 20 pitches. We also enjoy climbing other people's routes. Nothing wrong with either.

I don't know many boulderers, but I don't boulder much either. Just not a circle I travel in.

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They have never known what it feels like to conquer an unclimbed peak or granite wall. This is a new breed of climber. Their excitement comes from a first ascent in the climbing gym or conquering the boulder problem that they have watched on video 100 times before ever trying. These are the same climbers who top rope a sport climb with 50 of their best friends who they just met on the Internet

I can not think of a time in rock climbing history when they were more people putting up first ascent than they were people repeating routes.

How many first ascents of big wall, or any wall, have you done?

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