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Oct 11, 2012, 11:34 AM

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Re: [bearbreeder] Cost of really getting into climbing
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bearbreeder wrote:
Rudmin wrote:

I would say this price list is a little bit out of date or optimistic. You would have to scour a lot of sales to get all of these items at these prices. For the MSRP of the average item, add about 50% to everything.

bull Wink

eldrid jay harness 43$ ... 39$ with 10% off discount when you buy a package

mec chalk bag 11$ ... 10$ with discount

WC belay device and biner 16$ ... 14$ with discount

evolve defy shoes 84$ .. 75$ with discount

i stated 170$ for indoors ... actual price from a major canadian retailer with the normal every day discount is 140$ .. all "name brand" equipment from reputable climbing companies ...

for outside ...

eldrid helmet 49$ ... 45$ with discount

tendon smart rope 10mm ... use the regular discount code Natur3 for 15$ off so 85$

4 BD Lockers for TR 36$

6m of 7mm static cord ... 11$

i had gear for TR as an additional 200$ ... real price is 177$ ... so total for TR climbing i had as 370$, real price is 317$

for sport add

12 BD freewire draws 138$ ... with 10% discount when you buy more than 6 draws, 125$

for trad add

set of 7 camp nuts 50$

set of metolius power cams 1-8 438$ ... with 10% discount when you buy 4 ore more metolius cams, 395$

DMM nut tool, 11$

so i had the total of draws and rack at 650$ ... real sport/trad cost is 580$ ... you can spend the difference on a few slings, cord, etc ...

my total OVERALL cost i had as 1020$ ...real total over all cost of what i listed is REALLY 897$ without tax

so i was a bit off on the HIGH side Tongue

again this is all name brand equipment from major canadian retailers at regular prices/discounts/coupon codes ... no seasonal specials or clearance

one of the biggest and IMO stupidest things is for new climbers to go off believing they have to spend $$$$$$ to go climbing ... or that $$$$$$ gear will keep you safer than cheaper but reliable gear from good manufacturers ...

just like those people who NEED a 200$ dry treated duodess rope to TR ... or NEED TC Pros to do 5.7s indoors

Those are mostly in Canadian dollars, right?
I'm not sure what the exchange rate is right now, I don't think it is far off of 1:1. Any idea if these items cost the same here in the US? Are Canadian prices representative of other places, or is Canada an outlier?

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