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Oct 13, 2012, 4:04 PM

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Re: [DemolitionRed] Muscling through routes
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Demo im very sorry to do this but your (what seems sexest comments) gets to me. Just becuase i am male, taller and weigh more than you.. do not be under some illsuion that i would not blow you out of the water in every aspect of technique.

You need to drop this bs attitude that males are gorrilerz and femlaes have the gift of the gods when it comes to movement. The steroe type may hold some water for new climbers (assuming those males had physical background) but certainly not for mid to long turm climbers.

The real issue is that the majority of climbers above newbs show no interest in building strength. And thats down to the misconception that all males hav eno technique... and women don't need strength (becuase technique is all you need!!).

the advice is allwyas to train technique until your at a level to train strength. Nobody realy tells you when that level should be.. so allot of climbers never train it becuase they dont know they can, with huge benifit.

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