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Re: [redlude97] Better climbing, not looking
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The problem that kf8mo is referring to is that humans suck at regulation, and when doing HIIT they end up eating more, canceling out much of the benefit. People are lazy sacks of shit, but truely motivated people will get the best results training at higher intensities and controlling their diet properly

In the physiology lab, of course x minutes of exercise at 85% max burns more calories than x minutes at 70%, which is more than x minutes at 50%, and that results in weight loss.

In the world outside the lab however, human behavior happens.

It's not so simple as being lazy sacks of s@#!, it includes the fact that when there is not an exercise physiologist or registered dietician measuring our calorie intake, we are lousy at estimating it. So indeed we do overshoot when doing high-intensity exercise, and at least replenish the glycogen stores and often more. And we don't realize we're doing it. Even for the truly motivated, it's the diet part that pares off weight. Exercise contributes fitness and prevents muscle loss, but not weight loss unless combined with diet, and people randomized to diet + exercise don't lose more weight than those randomized to diet alone. (Again, caveat that this is ordinary recreational level exercise, the level you can get most people to do, does not apply to amateur-elite/pro/marathon athletes, military recruit "volunteers", or the hardcores who live in the gym.)

It's probably worse in real life than even that, because the studies are done with volunteers willing to be randomized. They're the most motivated people around. For Joe Average, it's likely even worse.

Overall though the best prescription is diet + exercise, because losing weight while becoming less fit is not helpful.

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