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Oct 21, 2012, 10:10 PM

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Re: [lena_chita] The battle for science in America
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lena_chita wrote:
You are missing the nutjob point completely.

If a woman dies in childbirth--why, that's god's will, of course! She probably did something bad to deserve it, and if not, well, the ways of god are unknowable, so who are we to question them.

But if a woman chooses not to have a baby--well, that is DEFINITELY not God's will, and every righteous religious nutcake knows that for SURE.

I think that a core tenet in American culture is "judgement".
That is, I can judge you, and if I find you guilty, I can punish you. I expect it was imported by the Pilgrims when they escaped the British version of suppression and discrimination. But like most pilgrims, they kept the old traditions strong, even when the mother country continued to progress.

But culture is what people do. The worst feature of this judging business is that I can pick my own standard of "best" ethics.

I guess the weakness that cultural ethics displays, comes from our willingness to use logic, and apply it to rules of behaviour. So games with rules become powerful guides to live by, and we forget why we need those rules, and we forget who benefits.

This shows up a lot, in We see a lot of arguing here about who is right or wrong, but not so much questioning about why people behave the way they do.

And that goes right back to the OP topic. You see a lot of Americans argue about who is right or wrong. But not so much about how things work, and why.

So when-ever you see this "Battle for Science" you should remind yourself that it never was a battle for science. Instead, it's a battle about who is right. Or wrong.

(Edit because I always hit the "Post" button before I fix my spelling misteaks.)

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