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Oct 22, 2012, 8:18 AM

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Re: [dan2see] The battle for science in America
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I'm sorry, Dan, but I don't really get what you're trying to say. Something about judgement and logic. Could you try again? I'm pretty sure you have an interesting point in there somewhere.

As for this:

dan2see wrote:
So when-ever you see this "Battle for Science" you should remind yourself that it never was a battle for science. Instead, it's a battle about who is right. Or wrong.

No, not in this case. That is my phrase, and I'll tell you what it's about. It's about having qualified people doing a job. It's about having people who have respect for the job, and a capacity for competence, in positions that have real impact both for the country, and for people I know and care about in the science community.

Look, if you worked for a company, and the board of that company decided to hire as CEO an incompetent who knew nothing about the industry or about management in general, but had agreed to help them raid the assets of the company, would you not be incensed? Well this is way worse than that as it's not just a company, it's our nation.

My concern with having someone with a powerful anti-science bias on the House science committee is not about judging whether a fact is right or wrong. It's about having a fox guard the chickens.

Look, do you remember how Reagan nominated James Watt and Anne M. Gorsuch as Secretary of Interior and administrator of the EPA? This was the same strategy - put people in a role where instead of acting as steward for an important government activity, they will instead work to gut that activity.

It's shameless, despicable, and misguided. It's a disservice to the role, to the people and programs they oversee, and to the American public at large.


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