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Oct 31, 2012, 9:24 PM

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Re: [socalclimber] Teen breaks bones in climbing accident
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I think socal nailed it and almost everyone else missed the point. Whatever you think about padded floors, removing padding because people were lowering too fast is a ridiculous "solution" to the need to control dangerous behavior.

That's a quote from the owner and if it is accurate, I'd agree with socal that running a climbing gym is not what that guy should be doing.

As for padded floors, it is clear that people get dropped in gyms. Given the level of inattention and/or incompetence that entails, it is also clear that people will not always pull mats over or will position them incorrectly. From this it follows that sooner or later, someone is gonna hit the concrete hard. As an owner, you can gamble it won't happen and you might be ok, but it sure sounds like a bad bet to me.

I feel really bad for the girl, who no matter how you look at it is a victim who will quite possibly be paying for this little birthday outing for life. At least she's still alive and not a paraplegic.

I think a misleading aura of "safety" has grown up around climbing that makes many people take it far too casually, and this is especially toxic when a young person with little or no ability to form judgements on their own buys into the safety myth without realizing how seriously they have to take all the procedures and how things can go wrong even so.

Even if there is no legal liability, I think there is a certain moral failing in not being crystal clear about how fragile your safety is in climbing and how relatively easy it is to cross line and end up in mortal danger.

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