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Nov 7, 2012, 1:58 PM

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Re: [gunkiemike] What did we learn from this election?
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gunkiemike wrote:
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With that said, here's the thing: if the Republicans continue to be obstructionist,

I have no doubt they will continue their "Let's make this President look bad every chance we get" practice. I truly believe they can't help but do this, as married to party-before-country as they are.

cracklover wrote:
all the Bush Tax cuts go away, and there are massive cuts to the military. That's a mighty sword hanging over their head, and both of those events hurt Republicans more politically than they do the Democrats.

I don't know about that last point. The GOP is very, very good at blaming the other side. If bad things happen during Obama's second term - even if they are brought about by GOP obstructionism in Congress - they will use this as ammo in 4 years to show how bad the Dems have been for America. In fact, being able to say that next time virtually guarantees that they will let bad things happen. With apologies to whoever said "If you can't say something nice..." I'd call this the "If you can't do the good things you want to do, do bad things and blame the Democrats for it" theory of consensus-building.

M. (can you tell I'm sick of partisan politics?)

Sick of it or not, I think you're wrong. The strategy you're referring to was a reasonable (if despicable) one before November. See, it made political sense to drive Obama out of office and then get their agenda done. What you're missing is that that ship has sailed.

Instead, in two years there is an election in which Obama is safe, but many members of the House are not. And right now, they look bad. Really bad. They have an approval rating a few ticks lower than dirt. No matter how much they convince the public that Obama is responsible for the death of every kitten, the spoiling of milk, and the destruction of everything good and true, it won't matter one whit. When the populace is angry, it throws the bums out, right left and center. And they know that.

Besides, *everyone* has military jobs in their home constituency. If they get drastically cut, all congresspeople suffer, but... Democratic voters will be more forgiving of things like cuts to the military and tax hikes - you know that.

Besides, now that the housing market is recovering, the economy will pick up. So that makes the POTUS look good, as if his policies are working.*


*Even though the depressed recovery hasn't been due to his policies, and the fact that it will now pick up also won't be due to his policies. It's a simple matter of economics: recoveries where real estate is stuck in the the toilet are very poor, because people don't spend $$ when they feel the value of their real estate is depressed, and the converse is also true.

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