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Nov 16, 2012, 4:05 AM

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Re: [healyje] Climb X nuts?
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healyje wrote:
USnavy wrote:
healyje wrote:
USnavy wrote:
It seems Climb X has reached a new low. Not only are they steeling ideas from Mad Rock, but apparently now Petzl too. What a joke...Crazy

You seem to be under the entirely mistaken impression that this is somehow new behavior or behavior exhibited by only one of these two parties. You clearly haven't been following along.
I have been following along, and I am aware that companies like DMM have ripped off designes from other companies like Black Diamond. But there is a big difference between taking a design and improving or modifying it and simply copying an entire product line. Climb X is not taking one product and improving on it, they are simply making cookie cutter replicas for every product they sell - big difference. They are the only "company" in the industry that has a 100% all fake and copied product line. No other company rips off more designs than they do.

You're still operating under the delusion that behavior isn't common to both parties
It is not a delusion. How many products do you see on Petzl's website that are illegal copies? Name a few. Actually, pick any brand that has at least a 25% illegally copied innovatory line.

I am well aware that companies copy a few products here and there and slightly change the design to avoid getting sued. But to say that climbing equipment manufacturers regularly copy entire product lines illegally, such as Climb X did, is simply incorrect. Again, I ask for an example if you believe otherwise. The closest I can think of would be Trango's version of Rock Empire's Comet cams. But even then, they modified the design a bit and from what I remember they had a contract allowing the product to be copied.

Furthermore, lets say you are correct. Say companies do illegal copy entire product lines regularly. So what? So then because it is normal I guess that makes it okay and my dislike for Climb X is not valid because their actions are only "normal?"

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