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Nov 21, 2012, 8:46 AM

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Re: [darsk20] Climbing Holds Cleaning Question
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darsk20 wrote:
+1 - the plastic used in climbing holds is similar to plastics typically used throughout chemical plants for piping, seals, etc. I would just use rubbing alcohol, though. Simple and cheap and safer than hydrochloric.

Magnesium carbonate (chalk) reacts with acids to make cleaning easier but even a weak acid like vinegar works pretty well, and it's a lot safer to work with than hydrochloric.

I hadn't meant to sound like I was advocating the use of HCl to clean holds. If I understand correctly, even the common muriatic acid that is 30% HCl in 70% H2O is enough to degrade the plastic if used full strength.

Plus, people aren't always smart enough to neutralize the acid (that's with baking soda or lime, NOT just with more water) before disposal and it can destroy your plumbing and kill everything down stream of you if you don't.

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