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Dec 6, 2012, 4:56 PM

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Re: [guangzhou] Question about polished limestone - WTF?
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guangzhou wrote:
USnavy wrote:
guangzhou wrote:
USnavy wrote:
eric_k wrote:
dagibbs wrote:
Bring an angle-grinder with you, and take some of the polish off the holds?
while my advice to all american climbers is to get over to places like Ceuse/Suirana a
That is one option. Or American climbers could just choose one of the 90% of sport routes that arnt polished... Wink

Not all American climbers have a vast and limitless amount of climbing option in the Area. We're not all bless with the wealth of Climbing options Hawaii offers.
Well maybe you should come visit Hawaii then and indulge in our limitless climbing potential. One could do as I do and just spend six months out of the year on the [continental US] road climbing. That is always a good option.

Are you in the Nave or not? If so, how do you get 6 months a year off to do a road trip? Just curious, 30 days leave per year, can be accumulated to 60 days maximum. Where do the other four months come from?
I am no longer on active duty, I am a reservist now. I work fulltime by volunteering for active duty opportunities on the off season, and I dont work at all during the on season. The health benefits I was speaking of are provided by the VA, not by the military. Any active duty member who separates active duty under honorable conditions and makes less than the VA's income cap (like $74k a year I think,) qualifies for free healthcare for life at a VA facility. Right now I am working fulltime in an active duty status (but as a reservist,) and when the spring comes around I will stop working and hit the road again. That is one nice benefit of being a reservist, I can pretty much work whenever I want, I can choose what I volunteer for and what I dont. Also, it is not a 60 day max anymore. I think it is 90 or 120 days now.

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