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Dec 6, 2012, 11:18 PM

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Re: [flesh] What % tax is fair?
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flesh wrote:
With taxes inevitably going hire in the coming decade, what's "fair"?

With some upper income earners going to lets say 39% fed tax and when you combing state tax, 9-13% sales tax in CA or NY, property tax, gas tax, etc...... It will be possible to go above 60% soon.

So, what's fair?

Is 90% too much if you make 1 million per year? What about 60%?

At some point does Atlas shrug or Do the most successful do what they do no matter what taxes you throw at them?
I do believe that those who can afford to pay more should pay more. One of the largest issues is income distribution inequality. When I see stuff like this, I ask, "what has America come to:"

So I believe that all income above $150,000 should be taxed at a flat rate 50%, with the tax payer having no ability to hide the money from tax collection. No deductions for IRA accounts, no deductions for corporate spending, no deductions for anything, it is taxed, end of story, you're not getting out of it. Furthermore, I think any income earned above $10m should be taxed at 90%. There really is no reason for someone to have that much money, you dont need $1B to live will.

However, do you think S. Robson Walton really pays 35% of his many billions of dollars towards tax like he should? Fuck no, he probably only pays a fraction of that by hiding the money in various programs that allow tax deductions such as corporate write-offs for "business meetings" in Hawaii and other crap. That is what needs to change. If you are making millions, you need to pay your fair share, enough of this scamming bullcrap that lets you get out of your dues.

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