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Re: [camhead] What % tax is fair?
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camhead wrote:
Gmburns2000 wrote:
yanqui wrote:
Gmburns2000 wrote:
As an aside: it doesn't take much to reach that 57% in Sweden (about US$80K), which is apparently about 20% of the population. Which was my point about knowing people who have reached it.

With such a high tax rate, how can it be that Sweden has a healthy budget surplus and an economy that in many ways is outperforming the rest of the Eurozone and the US?

For example:

Can anyone of you Republicoids explain how this fits into your theory that low taxes for the wealthy and budget cuts for government are so good for the economy?

draw off of a potential workforce with dwindling math skills?
Maybe because those "skills" have a pretty narrow range of usefulness in real world in most career fields. Sure, if you are an engineer or a scientist, math is critical. But please tell me how differential equations is going to help an MBA grad manage a typical American workforce. I am majoring in IT security and I have to take a boatload of math classes in the near future: advanced algebra, calculus, trig, ect. Well, having already worked in the field for five years, I can tell you I will learn absolutely nothing useful in any of those classes. The most advanced math I have ever had to preform at work was basic arithmetic, and I worked as a shift supervisor in a tier III support NOC, which in the IT world is a fairly senior department. Students that are majoring outside of fields that require math in their selected field would better benefit from taking more core classes that are directly relevant to their major, or other general education classes that have a wider range of application. Plus let's face it, when it comes to math it is all "use it or loose it." No one remembers advanced math if they dont actually use it, and if you dont remember it, there was little point in taking the class in the first place! So not to say that math is completely worthless, but in many majors, students would better benefit form more relevant classes that they can actually use in their field.

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