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Dec 13, 2012, 5:10 PM

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Re: [PeteF] Solo Climbing
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Pete, I've lead rope-soloed on multipitch routes for thousands of pitches over the past 36 years so I hope you'll be receptive to what I have to say here.

First, as always to the moderators - this just isn't a beginners' topic and should be moved to a more appropriate forum.

And that's part of the deal here, there is way, way more involved with rope-soloing - even TR soloing - then just the technical setup that make it a highly unsuitable activity for beginning climbers. There is lots to learn in climbing beyond gear and moves - there's situational awareness, experience working at height and around edges, rope-handling skills, and knowing how best to react and compensate when things don't go as anticipated or something unforeseen happens.

Bottom line is you need to have substantial yardage under your belt before you develop the above in any 'holistic' manner that can be accessed almost without thinking. It's about developing the requisite experience, knowledge, skills, judgment, and awareness. There really are no shortcuts in that nor should there be.

And while TR soloing can be reasonably approached by an intermediate climber with significant experience, no beginner should entertain the activity. Lead rope-soloing requires yet far more from a climber to do successfully and is the province of experienced climbers only and definitely not something beginner or intermediate level climbers should be attempting or engaging in. And, with due respect to Aron, watching his videos leaves me of the opinion he is being premature in adopting the practice and needs way more leading experience before doing much roped soloing and certainly before posting any videos.

So again, despite what anyone else may post or say here, I would very much encourage you to take a pass on this activity and either boulder or simply suffer the waiting for partner opportunities until you have way more experience and yardage under your belt.

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