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Dec 19, 2012, 11:25 AM

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Re: [camhead] Hey Pinky: how would you reduce gun violence?
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camhead wrote:
veganclimber wrote:
gunkiemike wrote:
Based on what I just read, it sounds like the Rev. Mike Huckabee's solution to gun violence is to get god back into public schools in a major way. That's right, the religious right is saying that the CT massacre was a consequence of the move to recognize same sex marriage and the general swing toward a more secular world view in the US.

In his defense, he's just remembering those peaceful days when everybody pledged allegiance in school and went to church on Sunday. You know, back when murder rates were almost double what they are now.

Well, look at it comparatively: Europe has gradually moved away from God, and are much more secular than the US, and their gun violence rates are, oh, wait, no, nevermind.

Which was also the point I made regarding the Czech Republic, as they have very lax gun laws even compared to us, all citizens can carry concealed if they choose, yet they have very low gun violence... They are also very secular when compared to the US.

It seems that gun-nuts and God often go together, and the results are pretty bad on occasion.

I have noticed that those "Obama loving Godless Liberals" in Connecticut and the North East [as per my many God Fearing Conservatives acquaintances here in the SouthEast during the Election cycle] seem very loving in the face of all this, and even talk about forgiveness of, and not hating, the gunman, where as my God Fearing Conservative friends down here very vocally ooze hate and relish in the fact that he will spend eternity burning and tormented in Hell.

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