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Dec 25, 2012, 2:00 PM

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Re: [Kartessa] If you believe guns are the problem, think again...
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Kartessa wrote:
chadnsc wrote:
Kartessa wrote:
AkAxeMan wrote:
I will agree that killing with guns is easier, however I personally am not put off on the idea of killing with any number of things. Being that I believe I am a sane reasonable person I have to assume that there are any number of individuals out there who feel the same, sane or otherwise.

I'm sure most other murderous nut jobs think they're sane, and its the rest of the world that's crazy.

Looks like you'll need to start arming firemen too, can't just give guns to teachers.

The shooter; a 61 year old mentally disturbed ex con who couldn't legally own a firearm.

The firearm he used; and 20 year old revolver owned by his sister (who lived with him). It was a .38 caliber that holds five rounds.

Damn Chad, I didnt think you were one of those "selective truth" types.

You left out the 2 other weapons he used. Please, since you know so much about guns, tell us more about those too.

Don't get uppity with me you little brat.

I'm not being selective about anything.

I didn't read about the other two weapons, the news that I heard on NPR said that he used a 20 year old revolver that belonged to his sister.

I think you're attaching a bit to much personal bias to this subject. I'm not making social commentary, just reporting what information I have heard.

Edit: I can't type or spell today.

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