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Re: [rgold] Rope knot to use when rappelling or anchoring
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suppress information? ... give all the information you want ... im simply saying that the intrawebs forums are NOT the best or even a good place to ask for basic safety advice

ive had to correct people who when i asked said "i learned/read about it on the internet" ...

some if it is fairly minor, others such would have lead to deaths ... things such as extending rappels with a single quickdraw (the guy got the concept of extending the rap, but missed the part about the locker), setting up lowering off the chains wrong, rapping off without any knots in the bottom yet missing the part about finding the middle mark, poor basic belay techniques, gear placements learned online, etc ...

EVEN if all the information is correct that you give ... there is often something lost in translation in the teaching process without hands on correction ... as an "academic" you should know this VERY WELL ... and all it takes is one simple missing item to kill yourself or your partner ...

there is generally NO GOOD FEEDBACK process on the intraweb safety leasning, at least one that isnt on the spot and hands on ... sure there might be the occasional take a photo and ask if its correct ... but doesnt even come close to be able to correct mistakes on the spot, and the majority of "safety advice" threads dont even have that

and not its not "hard" to go out and find someone to show you how to do it .... yes you can pay a few $$$$, and get the proper instruction , rather than spending that money on those yuppie jackets and going out to the bar and getting drunk ...

or you can simply go and make friends, be willing to learn, recompensate with gas and food and be a good partner

i personally dont know ANY safe climber who goes out and tells others to learn basic safety skils off the intraweb forums without getting someone in real life to check em ... do you Wink

remember that ALOT of these new climbers will be taking out friends ... and be the most "knowledgeable" person in groups and setting up ropes ...

if you were to listen to ... you could all be learning how hip belays are all the shizzle ... or how you dont need to give any dynamic belays when your climber falls in a sport route because some old geezer says you dont, and they SLAM into the wall because of it ...

now im not saying theres not stuff to discuss on the intrawebs forums ... but like anything it requires you to have the basics down and a good understanding already IMO ... and already apply all this in the real world safely

as for "manufacturers" ... for newbies, i strongly recommend the person take the advice of the maker of the gear and who has liability over the "advice" of some intraweb poster ANYDAY ... when you get more experience and understand more, then you can decide whether to use gear outside their recommendations ... but please dont decide that for your partners at the very least, and not without telling em that you learned it off a forum as a newbie instead of following the manufacturers guideline ... which is EXACTLY how i almost got killed


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