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Re: [guangzhou] Question about polished limestone - WTF?
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guangzhou wrote:
Veterans who are completely separated from the service with perfect health when they separated are not eligible for what you claim is out there. The VA provides services on what they see "as needed."

Medical coverage is based on injuries they can trace back to your service time. I got out of the military with no ailments or injuries. (Mostly by luck maybe) I remember having some people recommend I start visiting sick call to document problems a year before I got out so I could get services after my EST.
That is completely false. I think you are confused on what officially makes a person a veteran. A person's current affiliation, or lack of affiliation, with the military has no effect on his or her official veteran status. The presence of a DD214 is what officially marks a person a vet. So if I was on active duty, separated and received a DD214, and then rejoined active duty, I would sill be considered a vet, even while back on active duty.

Also, the VA has no idea I am in the reserves. That does not concern them. The reserves do not offer any medical benefits other than I can choose to purchase TriCare at a reduced cost if I wanted to. When I first applied for healthcare and got approved by the VA, I was 100% out and I was not in the reserves. I joined the reserves after I was long approved for VA care.

Anyone who makes less than $30,460 (2012 rate) a year and holds a DD214 with an honorable discharge automatically qualifies for priority group five care. It says right on their website. That means pretty much anyone who gets out of the military without a service connected disability can be placed in priority group five if they meet the income requirements, or priority group eight if they do not.

Here, it says right on their website. "Priority group 5: Nonservice-connected Veterans and noncompensable Service-connected Veterans rated 0%, whose annual income and/or net worth are not greater than the VA financial thresholds."

In any case, I am in group five and I have not had any issues accessing care. Granted I have only used it twice. But when I did use it there were no issues. It was just like I was on active duty. I showed up, showed them my ID, got the care I needed, and walked out. It was as simple as that.

Ultimately when I say "free care for life" what I am really emphasizing is the lack of a need to purchase health insurance to cover rock climbing injuries. Regardless of what priority group you are in, if you require emergency care you will receive it (assuming you meet their ER care requirements on their website). But yes, if you have some chronic condition where you are in the hospital everyday, then you might want to consider getting actual health insurance.

Although I do understand the resource allotment issue. The first appointment I made with the VA took 40 days to get. But the second only took a few days. Apparently the very first appointment takes forever for some reason. The VA's official stance is they aim to get you in with the doctor within 48 hours of requesting an appointment. I have not tested that to verify if it is true or not, but that is what they claim.

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