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Jan 8, 2013, 9:14 PM

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Re: [ObviousTroll] Calling all climbers of color
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Actually I'm not finished. I ask you to read this:

In reply to:
"I just look at myself as a pretty average amateur mountaineer," she said in an interview. "The things I climb are the things that people climb. Some are technical, sure, but nothing spectacular.... I climb because I like to climb..."

This is a quote from Sophia Danenberg, from the article. The first Black Female to summit Everest. Even Sophia states that she doesn't care what the world thinks of her being an African American female, and first to summit. That's because it doesn't matter.

Then some douche with fancy vocabulary and grammar skills goes out and writes an article exploiting a simple fact. The simple fact that Black people just aren't that into going out into the mountains and playing in the snow. That what there is currently isn't good enough for him! Well what is this? Who cares that the majority of climbers aren't Black. If they want to go out and climb they will, but apparently they don't want to. Why push it?

It's the pushing that bothers guys like Jbone. Jbone just simply stated that by silhouetting the agenda, you're creating more hostility. And he's absolutely right. Whether you want to blame all of the hostility on me, or blame it on guys like Camhead for totally blowing his top, the fact is that the article was placed in a "hot spot" so to say, and it did what Jbone said it would do.

Some of you people really don't understand what it is to be racist. And those people add a whole lot of drama to an otherwise civil debate. Anybody that can without a doubt say that I or Jbone are racists, please let me know as soon as you can so I can take your internet advice and inform my black friends and coworker that I'm sorry for judging them.

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